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  • Chris Largent

The Big Push for Our Highest Ideals

Greetings, friends!

 (1) With the Sun square Pluto offering us a big push, we need to recall that this is the month of focusing on our visions for an ideal life: relationships, creative projects, and professsions.

 (2) Jupiter and Neptune still hang around in Pisces, with Venus activating them soon, so we can envision the best our lives and our world can be.

 (3) But the Sun-Pluto push reminds us that:

 -- we need to act, to do something - to move beyond the passivity programmed into us in schools and businesses,

 -- some visions come because we're discovering what we do not want,

 -- the world of fixed, limiting beliefs is Plato's cave: we need to stand up and look beyond the mainstream beliefs to discover a real world,

 -- and finally, there's a world of passion, love, adventure, challenge, and creativity outside of "the medieval fort of everyday-consensus thinking," and we can step into that world.

 Thanks for reading! And all the best!

Chris 610-444-3430

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