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  • Chris Largent

The Good Guys Are Together for a BIG Future

Greetings, friends!

 With the two “benefic” planets, Venus and Jupiter, hanging around Neptune’s neighborhood now, we see BIG themes — probably the most positive aspects of 2022.

 What does this mean? Note that where these three "good guys" turn up in your chart is where the SUBTLE but BIG shifts happen.

 (1) First, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are planting seeds for gradual, subtle shifts.

 The seeds might sprout immediately, but they will:

(a) grow over the next year and a half,

(b) develop more fully over the next 12 years, and

(c) impact the rest of our lives.

 Yes, a year and a half, 12 years, and all the rest of the years we’re alive. These seeds are that important.

 (2) Second, the major themes around the seeds are:

 — finding genuine support in our lives: from friends, loved ones, and colleagues,

 — using our romantic imagination for everything from creative projects to loving relationships,

 — creating the foundation for BIG projects in our lives: “dreaming large” (from the Scottish film ‘Local Hero’),

 — connecting with our ancestors and other-dimensional teams in new ways,

 — and finally, claiming our higher-dimensional identities, which is THE open issue now: we drop the notion of finding this or that right answer and engage in our lives as ongoing, open adventurea.

 The Seventh Academy always has tools to help with these BIG themes in these SEED-PLANTING times —

from Transformative Astrology to “Channeling” that connects you to ancestors and guides in new ways (only possible now that the Earth is waking up).

 So, let us know if we can help!

 Thanks for reading! And all the best!


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