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  • Chris Largent

Finding the Pot of Gold or At Least the Rainbow

Greetings, friends!

 (1) This week, Jupiter (Mr. Big) and Neptune (Ms. Deep) get together for the first time in 165 years -- and astrologers are enthusiastic about each of us envisioning (hear the imaginal intelligence in there?):

 -- our ideal creative projects,

 -- our ideal relationships (personal and professional),

 -- our ideal life goals,

 -- our ideal vocations or avocations, and

 -- our ideal families (okay, that one might be a stretch) ...

 ... and writing these down (I'd recommend with a pencil or pen -- to get them into our bodies and deep emotions), adding to them as the month goes along.

This is a moment in Earth's history when our higher-dimensional selves help us realize the highest and best that we can accomplish --- and this is a great aspect to begin that.

In more imaginal terms, we can begin to look for the "pot of gold" -- the joyful life -- at the end of the rainbow.

 (2) In case you're feeling low in the energy department, we have hard-working Mars and Saturn in a sextile, willing to put innovative Aquarian energy into defining our highest goals and ideals -- if only visualizing them for now.

 (And the Moon in Virgo yesterday and today reminds us to get our health routines going to be ready for whatever emerges.)

 So, let's turn on those imaginations and look for some rainbows!

 Thanks for reading! And all the best!

Chris 610-444-3430

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