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Chris Largent

Chris Largent

Chris Largent has been a professional astrologer for forty years.

Whether you need direction, or are simply curious, a personalized reading will be an enlightening and healing experience. Our time together will offer you a look at your unique individuality, offering guidance for both meeting challenges and engaging creatively in your life.


It offers what psychologist James Hillman calls your “soul’s code” — the story of your destiny, reflected in your character and personality traits.

Our characters nor our futures are fated or fixed. For this reason, the role of the astrologer is that of a mentor.  Astrology supports what adults have to do in the world every day: strategize about their lives.


After you purchase your astrology reading, you will receive an email to schedule with Chris. Information Required from you for the reading will be: Birth date, time (am or pm), and place of birth within five miles.

Astrology Map

Your Unique Birthchart


Natal charts, pictures of the sky at the exact moment we are born, map our talents and abilities, aims and goals — as well as the challenges that drive us. 

This one-hour consultation is where clients usually start. 

Image by Jordan Opel

Trends - Life Patterns


Rather than making predictions, transformative astrology explores patterns in our life-experiences — how our character develops through time (taking into account larger historical trends):

Progressions map inner, personal processes — the dynamics of our inner lives, what’s going on “in here.” 

Transits indicate how we experience objective processes — how our inner lives interact with what is going on “out there” in the collective world.

Solar returns, which occur every year around birthdays, outline themes for the coming year.

These three are usually combined in a one-hour consultation.

Image by Kelly Sikkema



Of course, we do not exist in isolation.  Astrology has millennia of experience to help us understand the dynamics of relationships — how we interact with parents, children, siblings, friends, bosses, coworkers, and romantic partners.

Synastry spells out how we interact with another person: where we get along and how to grow through challenges that arise.

Composites give a picture of the relationship as a whole — how two charts give rise to a third, which symbolizes the unique relationship between the two people involved.

These two are usually combined in a single 90-minute consultation.

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