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A Note on Sun Signs

Each of us knows our Sun sign.  But we may not know how much it can tell us about ourselves.


Our Sun - and its sign and house - tells us about what is essential about us.  It describes our core self.  Understanding our core selves can bring helpful, even startling insights:


1. Our core self includes our life mission, the role we came here to play - what we usually call our destiny.  As British astrologer Frank Clifford says, “the Sun’s position in the horoscope spotlights a deep journey of discovery and a sense of vocation — a personal calling that can take a whole lifetime to explore fully.”


In other words, our Sun sign traits give us a sense of our calling or purpose.  As we pursue this calling, we feel vital and alive.


2. Why do we feel alive when we study our own personality traits? The reason is that our core self is also our life-energy source.  We are energized when we engage in the adventure of that core self.  And this energy helps us fulfill our goals.



Image by Nathan Anderson
astrology wheel sun signs christopher la

Note that this is where the metaphysical teachings about “intention and manifestation” arise: they are our Sun signs in action.


3. Finally, our Sun sign represents how we want to shine.  And our Sun symbolizes our shining in a beneficent way - doing good.


In other words, the Sun also symbolizes our heart, what we want to express in a loving way - and often what we’re passionate about.


4. That’s why, when we or others don’t see who we are - or demean who we are - we feel deflated, wounded, or lost.


This is where astrology - especially Transformative Astrology - comes to the rescue.  Unlike the people around us, Transformative Astrology’s job is is to help us claim who we are and affirm who we are.


Others can’t do this for us, because they’re busy trying to claim and affirm themselves. 


But astrology after philosopher-artist Dane Rudhyar and famed psychologist Carl Jung became a personality profile tool - and Transformative Astrology is the epitome of that tool, helping us to understand who we are and express who we are with joy and passion - and good problem-solving skills.  It's a practical discipline that helps with all areas of life.

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