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The Natal Chart

What is it?

The Natal Chart, also known as the Birth Chart, is a picture of the sky and the planets at the moment you were born and serves as a cosmic map or navigational device for your journey on earth. It offers a profound perspective on how the planets interact with our lives from birth throughout our lives.


What can an astrological

reading do for you?


An astrologer translates the complex astrological symbols of our natal charts for a broader view of our life, talents, relationships,  challenges, and opportunities.  Astrology is a tool that, correctly used, can help to illuminate the meaning and purpose of our life, as well as how to navigate our way to our highest potential.


Astrology can also describe the phases we are going through to help us understand them in a larger context, encouraging acceptance and creativity.


Charts can also be drawn up for the important relationships in our life - from business partners to romantic partners - to help us make the most of these interactions.


An astrology chart is also a useful tool for highlighting our abilities and talents, helping us discover our vocation or change careers later in life.



  1. Your date of birth including the year

  2. The exact time you were born

  3. The city you were born in

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