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Transformative Astrology

What is it?

Transformative Astrology maps our character: it’s an ancient-wisdom personality profile.  That is, Transformative Astrology is a self-awareness tool. 


True to the founders of humanistic/psychological astrology — philosopher-composer-artist Dane Rudhyar and psychologist Carl Jung — Transformative Astrology is not fatalistic: Planets are not causes of anything — merely symbols for larger processes.


Consequently, neither our characters nor our futures are fated or fixed.


For this reason, the role of the astrologer is that of a mentor.  Astrology supports what adults have to do in the world every day: strategize about their lives.


Finally, Transformative Astrology assumes that each of us came here for a purpose, especially during this time of great change.  

What is your purpose?

Let me help you discover what guidance your chart holds. 

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