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When Things Slow Down - Mid-September 2020

Greetings, friends!

The Mars retrograde and its movement back into a square with Saturn are the (continuing) big stories this week.

What does this mean in plain English?

(1) First, if you get the feeling that you're just walking (or even running) in place, that's the Mars retrograde.

It's not a great time to start anything new, and astrologers seldom think that much is going to get accomplished - at least anything that means rapid forward movement. Often projects seem to stall.

(2) On the other hand, doesn't this guy above look okay with his pace?

Mars retrograde, while it symbolizes less aggressiveness, also means more determination to focus, to study, or to play the long game.

Less passion, more patience.

For instance, we might find ourselves being more tenacious, strategizing for the future (which means roughly the middle of November through the holiday season), when Mars is direct and starting to crawl forward again).

We also might find that we have increased stamina, staying power, and endurance - for handling long-standing issues, resolving old problems, and resisting the craziness around us.

(3) This is good news, because the Mars-Saturn square means everything from (a) conflicts with others and thwarting of ambitions to (b) hard work and disciplined study.

This is my opportunity to make a pitch for what education used to be: mastering our own skills and talents through disciplined study and practice.

Learning studies done in the last century indicated that humans love to learn, that hungry children would rather learn than eat, given those precise alternatives.

Today's controlling institutions and authorities have made us feel as if we're not smart enough or good enough or something enough (fill in whatever occurs to you).

But these next two months offer us an opportunity to challenge those authorities and institutions (in more ways than one).

In terms of personal achievement, this is a time to learn and work in a focused way (and don't worry if the work happens in spurts - that can be a Mars reaction).

So, the next couple of months offer us opportunities to remind ourselves of our love of learning and doing, especially careful, disciplined learning and work.

Thanks for reading! And all the best for a great week!

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