• Chris Largent

The World Turned Upside Down: Now Our Worldviews Are on Top

Greetings, everyone!

In astrology, we've been looking at aspects that haven't happened since the late 700s AD. Do you remember what happened then? Two interesting things:

(1) the Holy Roman Empire — politics, religions, big money, and military power (guys waving swords, including the Pope) getting together to tell everyone else what to do,


(2) a new culture in Spain — one where Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, philosophers, scientists, and artists got together to create brilliance and beauty.

(1) The Holy Roman Empire gradually dissolved.

(2) The Spanish culture — after the power crowd crowded out everyone else — eventually went to Italy and gave us the Renaissance, the beauty and brilliance of which still inspire us today.

What does this mean for now?

With a little break in our routines (!), we have time to realize that our own worldviews — our images of our lives and the future — are the real power in the world.

That is, our worldviews involve all our intelligences — the three teams: physical-emotional, analytic-synthesizing (intellectual), and intuitive-imaginal — which, when combined, become superpowers.

Beginning with our imagination, the intelligence that most obviously reflects the Whole (working with whole images of harmony), these six can create brilliance and beauty in our everyday lives.

Before, we were tempted to collapse into the minutiae of our lives, even if those details weren't meaningful or fulfilling.

Now, we have the opportunity to expand our sense of wholeness (the mystical, the spiritual, the higher metaphysical or philosophical, whatever term we like), our sense of community (via Zoom or whatever else), and our personal creativity.

And have fun!

Thanks for reading!


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