• Chris Largent

The Week of April 13th

Greetings, everyone!

Though it's the 14th as I write this, I want to note that the Sun (in late Aries) is in a tense relationship to the Jupiter-Pluto team (in late Capricorn).

As astrologer Stephen Arroyo says, where there's tension, there needs to be attention.

This week might have lots of tension in it (especially through Thursday, even Friday), leading to intense experiences.

Which may - as we give these attention - clarify our deepest passions, values, and ideas.

Though this clarifying can happen in inner contemplation, it's more likely to happen in dialogues - which can be intense, one way or another (and some of you might have already encountered these over the last couple of days).

The point here is clarity - though the result might be various forms of devastating clarity or passionate intensity about a project or relationship.

And clarity - as we're noting in the Academy seminar on dimensions tomorrow - is how we "move up" in dimensional consciousness (or "ascend," to use a popular metaphysical term).

So, all the best with the intensity and ascension this week!

And please try to have as much fun as possible!

Thanks for reading!


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