• Chris Largent

The Lion's Gate Opened, Delivered Its Energy, and Now We Can Use That Energy!

Greetings, friends!

 This past week saw the widest opening of the Lion's Gate (August 8th) - the center-point of the higher-dimensional energy that pours in every summer (from July 26th through August 12th) - but this time with an extra boost from a New Moon on the same day.

 Now, we're living through the "invasion of the Virgo planets," those pesky little criticizers and correctors ("everything needs to be improved!") whose themes are more powerful than usual as a result of that increased energy:

 - clearing, cleaning out, purging, reducing, and trimming down,

 - healing, improving our health routines, and purifying our systems,

 - making our everyday lives more productive and efficient,

 - being more reliable and industrious,

 - being more discriminating in our work and play, projects and relationships, and

 - solving old and new problems.

 When Venus goes into Libra on Monday, August 16th (late Sunday night the 15th on the West Coast):

 - we bring more balance and harmony to these themes, and

 - we add some grace and charm to the Virgo processes (which Virgo can always use).

 But Mars stays in Virgo until mid-September (who's his travel agent??), so:

 - the "clean it or correct it" theme keeps playing in the foreground,

 - which can lift healing and helping up a level,

 - or be really annoying, even while it's being ingenious, shrewd, and precise.

 But what's playing in the background? Venus is just moving away from its opposition to Neptune in Pisces,