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Not Beating Ourselves Up

Finding Our Personal Maps for Guidance

Lunar Returns

Greetings, friends!

Let's face it: we often struggle with our lives more than we need to.

And we beat ourselves up more than we should.

Why more than we need to or should?

Because we have a self-development and happiness map that goes with our personal territory: Our natal charts and the trends to them.

In other words, your natal chart is your personal map for your self-development.

And your relationship journey in this life.

For this reason, I’m offering special mentoring and dialoguing sessions using your chart this week:

(1) Self-development:

Deepening Your Sense of Who You Are and Affirming What You Can Achieve

What are your greatest fears?

And what does your map tell you about handling them?

What (in a Buddhist sense) are you attached to - to your detriment?

And how can you move beyond any negative attachments?

Normal fee: $225 - this week $135

(2) Love and Friendship: What Works and What Doesn’t

What does your map tell you about your greatest relationship joys?

And your greatest challenges?

How can your map help you develop realistic expectations?

And relationship skills to help you find real love and friendship?

Normal fee: $270 - this week $180

(3) Destiny: Your Vision for Your Life

Why are we too hard on ourselves?

What does your map tell you about affirming your personality and abilities?

About living a life that is engaged, passionate, and joyful?

What does your map tell you about your past-life themes?

Your higher (cosmic) identity?

And your vision for this life?

Normal fee: $225 - this week $135

Please let me know that you want to schedule these sessions this week -

though we can schedule them into the next two weeks, once you have requested your session.

Thanks! And I look forward to working with you!

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