• Chris Largent

Mercury Going Direct (March 9, 2020)

Greetings, friends!

Mercury went direct today just before noon (with a full moon) - so we can begin to find greater clarity in our relationships, goals, and ideals, both personal and professional.

We also can notice that the unrest or uneasiness we might have felt (especially as the weekend ended) begins to be resolved this afternoon.

By tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th), we can feel more at ease - and move forward with resolving old issues or completing/tweaking old projects.

Mercury (now direct) returns to Pisces next Monday (the 16th), where it stays until April 11th.

We need to keep an eye on three factors as we strategize in our daily lives:

(1) We are learning to live with uncertainty, a training in staying open to the big picture, a larger perspective on our everyday world (exactly the opposite of the media’s mouse-vision fear-mongering and controlling, king-of-the-mountain games).

This gives us a walking-around sense that we got born for a reason - and can sense a big purpose in our lives (even if we can't define it).

(2) We can explore our connection to the Whole, the One, God, the divine, the Tao (whatever term we want to use), seeing ourselves individually as reflections of the Whole of Being.

In general, we can experience a stronger sense of oneness and interconnectedness with everyone and everything, claiming our own inner mystics.

Specifically, we can expand our sense of compassion and acceptance to, first, ourselves and, second, others we meet on a daily basis.

(3) We can move through our lives - including meeting others on a daily basis - more consciously.

In general, this means that we can claim the power of consciousness, using all 6 forms of our awareness:

imaginal + intuitive intelligences, analytic + synthesizing intellects, and physical + emotional intelligences —

and discard the materialist-reductionist superstition that sees the world in fixed and isolated things, making us all feel passive and small.

More specifically, this means that as we get up in the morning and plan our day, we do so from a larger perspective. We can see the larger picture, the forest that tells us how the trees really interact.

In practice, all of this means looking long and hard at our daily rituals for interacting with all beings, animate and inanimate.

For instance, like humans in native partnership cultures, we can begin each day by greeting all elements in the world (the living systems around us in nature and culture) and feeling at home in them.

We can end each day with a reflection on the creative energy we had the opportunity to exercise as we engaged in everything from working on creative projects to solving problems.

The usefulness of all of this is that it liberates us from the tyranny of isolation and helplessness, which psychiatrist Peter Breggin talks about.

As a result, we can put ourselves back in the drivers seats of our lives, which is where we belong.

This gets to be even more fun when Mercury goes into Aries. But that’s a chat for next month.

In the meantime, I wish all of you the very best - and thanks for reading!


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