• Chris Largent

Managing the Big Energy

Greetings, friends!

Most of us have felt a lot of energy around these days - from exciting to explosive.

In the last couple of weeks, we might have experienced a range from passionate interest to irritation, frustration, and anger.

There's still a confusion about astrology and the future - specifically, that astrology can tell us about destined events that we need to prepare for.

While astrology looks at patterns, it does not predict events. Instead, astrology's patterns help us engage in our lives.

Trends help us be proactive - to make the most of our talents and thus realize our destiny here.

So, the strategy points about present trends are:

(1) We can clarify our boundaries, so that we know when we or someone else violates them.

(2) We can get clear about who and what excites us (positively or negatively) and why.

(3) We can strategize about how to use heightened energy.

Our daily "Manchurian Candidate" programming is to be passive and gradually become exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically (which we then mistake for aging and degenerative disease). Right now, we can claim our own creativity, using it to regenerate our vitality.

The dating of the present energy pattern is:

(a) Boundary-watching energy stays high until mid-month (February 16th), when it settles down and focuses on practical, foundational, and professional issues.

(b) The positive excitement energy jumps up a level this coming weekend (February 8th), so we might want to ask what people and projects engage our passion. And which projects and relationships we value and make us feel valued.

(c) Since the Sun remains in Aquarius (until February 19th), our practical strategies might benefit from some out-of-the-box ideas that help us discover new opportunities.

(d) Finally, Mercury leaves a high-nervous-system Aquarius tomorrow (February 3rd) for a more reflective Pisces. We can draw more on our imaginations and intuition, realizing that these are even more powerful than our intellects.

All the best to all of you for a great January!


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