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Intimacy and Independence

A Very Quick Astronote

Lunar Returns

Greetings, friends!

Venus and Uranus oppose each other through next Monday (the 14th).


We should all be careful with professional and personal relationships, those that involve our material resources or our character traits.

If we shatter these relationships now, we might not be able to put the pieces back together next week.

This is a good time to get a balance between personal and professional intimacy and independence.

But - as with all Uranian-Venusian transits - a lack of balance may mean the sudden end of relationships.

So, we need to be sure about what we want and don't want. We're likely to get it.

Finally, Mercury in Scorpio sextiling Saturn in Capricorn gives everyone an opportunity to think more deeply about resources and relationships.

If we stay on the surface, we'll miss the point. To grasp what is really happening, we need to ponder things more deeply or dialogue at a deeper level.

And let's notice the Scorpio elements. As a client talking to her guides noted (in a regression session today): "we need to learn that there are people willing to die to help us." Is that something all of us feel about ourselves?

Thanks for reading! And all the best!

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