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Getting Along with Others (or Not)

The Week of October 14th - Getting Along or Not Getting Along ... and More

Lunar Returns

Greetings, friends!

This Astronote is for the week of October 14th.

Let's remember that all astrological aspects are to help us (a) understand ourselves and our world better and thus (b) strategize in our lives more creatively.

We look at seven themes this week:

1) The Sun and Mars are in Libra.


We need to bring out our best people skills - for listening attentively and sensitively, speaking compassionately, being cooperative and agreeable, and wanting to make all relationships operate more smoothly.

2) Venus opposed Uranus during the recent full moon.


The reason we want to get along this week is the huge tension between independence and intimacy, freedom and closeness.

Read: tension in all kinds of relationships. Enough to shatter them, so we need to be careful.

3) Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio.


The emotional intensity we feel helps us get in touch with what we really, passionately want - and don't want.

Which is fine as long as (in the words of one astrologer) we don't overstate or confuse what we want and don't want.

4) Venus sextiles Saturn.


As we settle down going into the weekend, looking at how we go about getting what we want, we find the stability to find ...

5) Venus trines Neptune.


... romance and magic - new insights into our romantic and magical connections (including with nature and other-dimensional beings).

We can feel strong attractions to people and projects this coming weekend.

6) The Moon in Taurus (through late Wednesday), Gemini (from late Wednesday through late Friday), and Cancer (the weekend) - the emotional climates.


We move from the sensual and practical (Taurus) to the light-hearted and tolerant (Gemini) as we find ways to nurture: ourselves, our creative and problem-solving skills, our imagination, and other beings (plants, animals, people, the Earth, and so on).

7) Venus sextiles the North Node in Cancer and trines the South Node in Capricorn.


We use the emotional skills we've developed to move beyond attachments and to get rid of unnecessary stuff (attitudes, material possessions, relationships, and obligations).

As we do this, we step into new possibilities for ourselves, new inner and outer structures that help us understand our fundamental natures.

We claim the character traits that make us mature, responsible, and intelligently strategizing adults.

WE NEED TO REMEMBER that each of us individualizes these seven themes. Our charts tell us how we do that.

Thanks for reading! And I hope you have a great week!

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