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End of August Themes

Greetings, friends!

The end of August sees two tensions that we may use to accomplish a great deal.

Or we may fight over territory, relationships, and dogma (what psychologist Albert Bernstein calls "lizard logic," from a retreat into our reptilian brain stem), feeling frustrated and anxious.

First - this week - we see Mars moving away from a square to Pluto. Plain English translation: energy that is aggressive, physical, competitive, and impulsive.

We may use this energy to rebuild our bodies, recharge our passion for work and people, restructure our homes, and/or hone our professional skills.

Or we may use the energy to be arrogant, ruthless, reckless, and obsessed with winning or being right - keeping in mind that the latter is programmed into us by the school system and actively practiced by those who confuse their job titles with their expertise - for example, a "scientist" who does think scientifically.

Second - beginning this week and continuing into October - Mars squares Saturn. Plain English translation: energy that feels blocked, restricted, or limited.

The challenge of this energy is that we meet with resistance. Whatever we try to do seems ineffective or not enough.

So, we feel frustrated, even angry (especially with Mars-Pluto in the mix this week), and react with anything from discouragement to misguided aggression. Or we feel that we are not enough.

In other words, we may feel trapped and react like a caged being - with anger, fear, or anxiety.

A constructive response is to focus on the task at hand, taking one step at a time.

Since we might lose perspective, this kind of focus can help us get work done, the effect of which we might not see for awhile. But we will accomplish something - and what we accomplish will contribute to a positive future

Finally, this is a good time to focus on the mastery of disciplines.

For those of you who remember last century's astrology, you'll recall these warnings: avoid unpredictable explosives, dangerous machinery, and criminals.

I'm happy to be warned, because I know that all of us are tempted to engage with these things, and in fact, that list represents my plans for the week.

Thanks for reading! And all the best for end of August!

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