• Chris Largent

A Unique New Moon This Weekend!

And the End of an Era!

Lunar Returns

Greetings, friends!

This Sunday (the 27th) sees a New Moon (in Scorpio) opposing Uranus (in Taurus).


We need to strategize about what makes us feel alive.

And vital. And energized. And passionate. And awake.

Let me be clear about this: our lives from this holiday season on can't just be business as usual.

Business as usual is ending this year. With real finality.

We either ride the wave or ... well, you get the picture (from all those surfing movies in the last century).

Uranus symbolizes shaking up our normal routines and energy flow. Read: we need to bring into our awareness what is really happening in our lives.

The best strategy:

To look at our real character traits, our abilities, our talents, and our loves.

Ask: what is it that makes me ... me? And how is that unique individuality being expressed in my life - or not?

How that question gets answered this weekend sets up how we experience this holiday season. And our lives from 2020 through 2025.

By the way, there's a way to get a leg up on all of this - and (shock!) it's our astrology charts!

If you want a session to help with this, the monthly special for October is still $180.

Whatever you decide to do, all the very best!

Thanks for reading!

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