• Chris Largent

A Full Moon Weekend Plus Benefits

Greetings, friends!

 This coming weekend we have a full moon (on Sunday the 22nd) in Leo-Aquarius. During the morning and afternoon, the Moon also hangs around with Jupiter, Mr. Expansive and Fun and Travel and Overdoing-Can-Be-Wonderful.

 If you have a sense that this might be a good weekend to do something enjoyable, you're right.

 Since the Moon is carrying the energy from Saturn (Mr. Serious, whom she meets for a few hours after midnight) to Jupiter (in the morning and afternoon), our fun can include how our maturity tolerates our goofiness.

 At the same time, Saturn (in his own sign of Aquarius) is in a Jupiterian aspect (a trine) to Venus (in her own sign of Libra):

 For the entire weekend (and a few days after), these two look hard at relationship dynamics (are we having fun with friends and loved ones?) and responsibilities (are we living up to ours or just tolerating obligations from energy vampires?).

 All in all, a weekend to enjoy and make some good relationship decisions - Saturn emphasizes our inner authority and individuality, while Venus looks for balance and harmony.

 And the two of them combine to look for genuine, sincere love and friendship.

 Note that while tension can build around controversial issues, Venus and Saturn invite us to step back and claim our own inner authority to create an inner balance and so maintain harmonious relationships even with those we disagree with.


Thanks for reading!