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Chris Largent

After you purchase your astrology reading, you will receive an email to schedule on Chris’ calendar.

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Natal charts, pictures of the sky at the exact moment we are born, map our talents and abilities, aims and goals — as well as the challenges that drive us. 


This one-hour consultation is where clients usually start. 

Natal Chart Reading


1 hr - $225

Progressions map inner, personal processes — the dynamics of our inner lives, what’s going on “in here.”  Progressions show us how we may use our inner energies to flow with our outer life’s rhythms.


Transits indicate how we experience objective processes — how our inner lives interact with what is going on “out there” in the collective world.


Rather than making predictions, transformative astrology explores patterns in our life-experiences — how our character develops through time (taking into account larger historical trends).


Solar returns, which occur every year around birthdays, outline themes for the coming year.

12-Month Personal Trends Reading


1 hr - $225

Relationship Reading


1 hr - $225

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Astrology has millennia of experience to help us understand the dynamics of relationships — how we interact with parents, children, siblings, friends, bosses, coworkers, and romantic partners.


Synastry spells out how we see another person: where we get along and how to grow through challenges that arise.


Composites give a picture of the relationship as a whole — how two charts give rise to a third, which symbolizes the unique relationship between the two people involved.

Solar returns, which occur every year around birthdays, outline themes for the coming year. 


Even if you get it done mid-year, I look at the solar return before or after this year, whichever is more relevant.

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Solar Return Reading


1 hr - $180

Lunar Return Reading


1 hr - was $180, now $135 until December!

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Every month for each of us, the Moon comes back to where it was when we were born - and this gives us the emotional theme for the month.


A lunar return is a real boon for how you work with your feelings and emotional intelligence each month.

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